Certification Process

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The recovery residence certification process consists of four major elements:

  1. Online Self Assessment and Application. You will complete several self assessments and attestations as well as upload various documents for Reviewers to evaluate. This step is self paced and may take time, if you need to create new policies and procedures. The online application consists of several sections and topic areas, which allows you to take a “bite sized” approach and save as you go.
  2. Submit and Pay. Document Review. You pay for an evaluation once you submit the application. Next, a Reviewer will evaluate your application against NARR and OKARR standards. Reviewers may contact you for clarification or additional documentation.
  3. Interview. A Reviewer will contact you to schedule an interview, because there are wonderful things about your recovery residence that cannot be captured in an online application. Recovery residence operators and staff typically enjoy this part of the process the most.
  4. Onsite Review. A Reviewer will visit and assess each of your properties, because there are a number of NARR standards that can only be assessed through visual confirmation. Prior to the review, you are expected to complete the Onsite Self Assessment for each property, so you can identify and address any issues that could prevent the property from meeting the standard. Someone representing the recovery residence must be present for the onsite review. The Reviewer must be able to have access to areas of the property in order to review them.