Levels of Support

NARR has identified four general types of recovery residences, known as levels of support. Levels are not a rating system. One Level is  not better than another. They are just different and offer different levels of support to cost effectively match that diverse and changing needs of individuals in recovery.

In general, levels can be distinguished by the bundle of supports and services they directly provide residents. As seen in the illustration, all levels provide alcohol and illicit drug-free living environments and use social model recovery support. The higher levels also provide person-centered recovery support services and life skills development classes. The highest level of support includes a clinical component.

Levels can also be distinguished by their staffing and governance. Level I’s are democratically run, electing resident officers. Other levels generally appointed resident leadership, and since Level IIIs and IVs are designed to support higher needs individuals and provider an array of services , they have trained and supervised staff. This includes clinical staff for Level IVs.

A recovery residence provider may operate one or more levels of support. Whereas most NARR standards apply to all Levels of Support, there are some standards that only apply to some Levels of Support. If you submit this application, a Reviewer will determine the Levels of Support you provide.

You can use the following document to help you self assess the Levels of Support you provide:

Levels Development and Determination