2020 Spring Training

OKARR held two-day Spring training for providers and house manager in Tulsa (March 10th and 11th) and Oklahoma City (March 12th and 13th). 


  • Day-1: Fundamentals of Being a Recovery House Manager – Although there can be a great deal of variability across recovery housing, all of them are founded on social model recovery principles. Often contrasted with clinical or medical model approaches, social model focuses on the socio-cultural elements of addiction recovery and builds recovery capital. This training will explore six social model domains, inviting participants to identify how they can be cultivated in their particular recovery home. By completing this training, participants will be able to:
    • List 6 social model characteristics
    • Identify social model philosophies reflected in the NARR standard 
    • Discuss how policies and procedures can support social model recovery



  • Day-2: Onsite Risk Assessment and Management of Recovery Residences – The day-to-day demands on recovery residence owners, operators and staff tend to focus their attention on resident needs and sustainability, which can leave them vulnerable to various liabilities. This training will focus on conducting onsite assessments and managing onsite risks as well as understanding the role of onsite reviews within the recovery residence certification process.  By completing this training, participants will be able to:
    • Conduct an onsite risk assessment of a recovery residence
    • Develop policies and procedures to manage or minimize onsite risks 
    • Discuss the role of an onsite risk assessment within the recovery residence certification process