Rule 62 House

Rule 62 House is a 9 man sober living home in central Oklahoma City. It is designed to be a therapeutic community of men who support each other through their journey of recovery. Rule 62 House believes that each person must make a dedicated effort to continued sobriety in order to succeed, while building a structured and safe environment that is optimal for maintaining a life beyond drugs and alcohol. Each resident is treated with respect and dignity, while being expected to value commitments to responsibility and being accountable for their actions. With a stable living environment, easily accessible transportation, and a 12-Step meeting within walking distance, the recovery lifestyle is strongly supported and encouraged.

In November of 2021, Rule 62 House in Oklahoma City, OK became a Level II OKARR certified residence, meeting the nationally recognized standards defined by the National Alliance for Recovery Residences (NARR).

To reach out to Rule 62 House and start a journey to recovery, please reach us at or (918) 424-5250